Rolex Yachtmaster – The Watch, The Legend

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Published: 28th September 2010
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If all the people in the world were asked to write a list of brands they would like to own, and if that list were tallied, there is absolutely no question that Rolex would be right at the top there – for most people! Owning a Rolex is truly a dream come true for most people, and there are millions of fans waiting for an opportunity to get their hands on one (meaning, being able to afford one!).

The amazing thing about Rolex is the consistency with which all their models manage to be bestsellers in their own genres. Unlike a lot of other companies which cater to just one kind of customers, Rolex has a wide range of choices – ranging from the formal Day-Date Perpetual range to the rugged Explorer range, and each of them caters to a different audience. In each genre where Rolex watches are available, they are the stuff of legends – meaning that the most celebrated people in the field are often seen sporting a Rolex, and nowhere is that truer than in the field of sailing and yachting.

The Rolex Yachtmaster is undoubtedly the number one accessory when it comes to sailing. Whether it is in a regatta cup off the coast of Italy, or it is a single man braving the elements to sail around the world in a show of willpower and endurance, a Rolex Yachtmaster on the wrist is the most obvious choice. There are several yachting superstars who have sported the Rolex Yachtmaster in their quest for glory and Paul Cayard is one of them. If you follow yachting, you will obviously know Paul Cayard. For the uninitiated, Cayard was the first American skipper to have led his team to win the Whitbread race around the world. He is also a world champion yachtsman himself, and he wears a Rolex Yachtmaster.

There is one thing very unique about Rolex. Unlike a lot of other watch companies, it just does not support sporting events from the outside. It gets involved with the game and takes it the distance. For instance, in Tennis, you would have noticed Rolex being the main sponsor of the game’s most awaited event – Wimbledon. Similarly, in yachting, Rolex sponsors not one, but three of the sport’s best events across the world – The Rolex Sydney Hobart Yacht Race, the Maxi Yacht Rolex Cup, and the Rolex Farr 40 Worlds Championship. Each of these events is entirely different – while the Hobart race is counted as among the toughest in the world owing to treacherous waters in Sydney, the Maxi is a race with the largest yachts ever built, and the Farr 40 is a unique race where the yachts are all supposed to be exactly similar – including the sails, the yachts themselves, and even the combined weights of the crew! Rolex is absolutely into yachting, and that should have been proven by now!

Most people who watch the sport would want to get involved in it. But owing to two facts – of our busy schedule, and due to the fact that ocean is not accessible to every person wanting to sail – not everyone can make that dream come true. The next best thing would be to accessorize ourselves with the Rolex Yachtmaster! Made with superb precision, the Yachtmaster, like all other Rolex watches, is a supremely crafted chronograph that is guaranteed to show you the perfect time irrespective of what happens around it. The Ring Command Bezel has been made exclusively for this model and works in synchrony with the race timing. In the real world, we can set it according to any countdown we want to follow – at home or at work. The gold used in the watch has been crafted in Rolex’s own foundry, and that gives Rolex watches the perfect finish, as it is not dependant on a third party. The Triplock winding crown is another Rolex Yachtmaster exclusive, and it screws down the case and the bezel as tight as a submarine hatch!! Beat that!

Like with most leading models of Rolex watches, the Yachtmaster also is available in a wide range of options, and customers can choose from 29mm, 35mm, 40 mm, and 45 mm watches, depending on the size of the wrist. Owing to the availability of different sizes, the Rolex Yachtmaster can be worn by men, ladies, and young adults. Check out the range – it truly is the stuff of legends!

Carrie Velez is an expert when it comes to Rolex Watches, be it the Rolex Datejust or the men’s line. After she purchased her first, the Rolex Yachtmaster she was just hooked to the brand. Purchase your first, second, third, fourth… or get one for your whole family at

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